The Ayrshire Green Network Partnership aims to enhance, protect and/or conserve green infrastructure features that make up the green networks in Ayrshire for the benefit of the economy, people and nature.


The Vision

‘Ayrshire will be a competitive place contributing to a thriving Scotland, that is receptive to change, open and welcoming to new people, new ideas, new activities and new ways of living: with strong vibrant communities: a well-connected, growing, diversified and sustainable economy: an excellent quality of life and healthy environment: with all people enjoying the highest levels of prosperity, choice and accessibility in partnership with the wider west of Scotland.’


Our Objectives

The purpose of the Ayrshire Green Network Partnership is to deliver the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) at a local level by working strategically to add value to the organisations which are already carrying out work to deliver green networks throughout the Ayrshire region. This ensures local activity fits in to the bigger CSGN picture and all projects contribute to making the Ayrshire Green Network happen.


Intended outcomes of the Ayrshire Green Network:

  • Enhancement of high quality landscape environments and greenspaces
  • Woodland creation, enhancement or management for multiple benefits
  • Increased promotion and opportunities for communities to improve health and wellbeing through physical activity, active travel, strategic walking and cycling routes and enjoying nature
  • Restoration of vacant and derelict land